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Welcome to Maric Care Services, Inc.

Nothing feels more comfortable than to be cared for in the familiar walls of your home. No wonder why many of the elderly are now preferring this kind of milieu than to get enrolled for institutionalized care in nursing homes and residential facilities.

Maric Care Services, Inc. has comforting and healing hands that will truly move you. We know it is never easy to deal with the consequences of aging and disease. But with the expertise that our staff offers, we can guarantee you the best route towards life to the fullest and recovery for those who are ill. Our expertise is backed by long term experience in the industry. We take the screening process of our employees very seriously. That is why we are confident in the manner which we can deliver your expectations. Entrust us with your overall health and wellness today, and build a partnership that will last for a lifetime.

Maric Care Services, Inc. operates under the following core values:

  • Authenticity. Whether it’s customer service, compassion and the simple manner of smiling – all of them are sure to be authentic.
  • Practicality. We respect every client’s unique needs, and we will strive to fit every deed we do to these needs for the best outcomes.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Rest assured that you will get just the right value for what you will be paying. We match high quality with efficient cost.

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