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About Us

thumb-imgMaric Care Services, Inc. is a privately owned home care agency, specializing in the provision of non-medical home care services to the elderly, the ailing and the destitute. Garnering a long term experience in the industry, we are proud to say that we have partnered with quite a lot of clients in the past and present.

What sets us apart from our contemporaries is the degree of genuineness we offer. We believe that caring should come straight from the heart – our personnel not only perform duties out of obligation, but with real compassion towards our clients.

We at Maric Care Services, Inc. understands just how difficult it could be to live with limitations, particularly when it comes to mobility. That is why we maintain a big team of caregiving personnel to cater to each and every client’s unique need.

Allow us to assess your special requirements today and make way for our long term partnership ahead. Simply dial 443-413-9870 to set an appointment with us or send us a fax via 443-484-2422. Our contact us page also has an online form for you to fill out if you wish to send us a private message.