Respite Care

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Maric Care Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of relieving unpaid caregivers at home. Unpaid primary caregivers refer to those family members caring for their very own loved ones with special needs. This is not an easy job, especially if the medical condition is a complicated one. Hiring someone who can take your place while you spend days off to recuperate will be totally beneficial to your health; socially, physically and even emotionally and socially.

Professional respite allows the loved one with special needs to experience the assistance of another individual, providing a venue for being refreshed. When being taken outside the home, sick persons can have the chance to be integrated back to the community. This will enrich their social and emotional well-being, while the primary caregivers are away enjoying themselves with their own families too.

Check your and your loved one’s eligibility for Maric Care Services, Inc. respite care today. Dial up 443-413-9870 for more information and to have your queries responded to. We will also welcome online messages through our contact us form.

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